Public Services

The goal of the Belmont Public Library is to provide excellent library service for all its patrons. The quality of the facility and the collection is enhanced by accurate, efficient, and friendly service. This Public Service Policy is the foundation for all staff interaction with the public and the basis for all other Library policies.

The principles of the Public Service Policy include

  • All patrons shall receive the same excellent quality of service without discrimination
  • All patrons shall be treated with respect, welcomed when they enter and assured as they leave that they have been well served.
  • Staff will provide alternatives if a patron's request for materials cannot be met. Alternatives would include interlibrary loan request (ILL) or a network transfer. (See attached procedures.)
  • All staff members shall know Library policies, thus able to explain each policy and its rationale.
  • Each staff member shall be cognizant of the importance of demeanor, or the manner of looking, speaking, and acting, aware that non-verbal demeanor conveys an attitude by expression and posture as much of tone of voice and vocabulary affect a verbal interaction. It is imperative that each staff-patron interaction be a positive one. This holds true for those exchanges when the message conveyed does not meet the patron's wishes.
  • Each staff member shall always act in an ethical manner. To that end
    • All interactions and transactions will be considered confidential, to be discussed only in a professional context. This includes, but is not limited to registration information, materials' selection, loan transaction records, and reference questions.
    • All transactions will be in accordance with the policies and procedures/guidelines of the Minuteman Library Network and the Belmont Public Library. See attached ALA Code of Ethics.
    • Staff members will not accept personal gifts from Library patrons or groups.
    • Staff members will not offer a personal opinion or advice in answer to a reference question but will follow established library practices
  • Each staff member is the representative of the Belmont Public Library to each patron or group, upholding the Library's tradition of courteous, excellent, and efficient service to the entire community. The impression a staff member makes on each patron profoundly affects the Library's image as well as on-going support for the library.

Approved October 30, 2012