Performance Evaluation and Planning Policy

The purpose of the performance evaluation and planning process is:

  • to recognize significant accomplishments
  • to assist the employee in formulating his/her goals for the upcoming year
  • to assist the employee in professional growth and development
  • to assist the departments in formulating goals for the upcoming year

The performance evaluation consists of the Individual Employee Goals and the Self Evaluation worksheets. Evaluations will be completed annually on or near the employee’s anniversary date. The employee will be given the worksheets to complete four weeks prior to meeting with his/her supervisor.  The supervisor will meet with the employee to discuss the performance evaluation and mutually determine the goals for the year and the actions necessary to achieve them.  The Director will review employees’ evaluations and goals with the department supervisors. The supervisor will make every reasonable effort to meet with the employee mid-year for an informal discussion to review progress toward achieving the goals.  At year’s end, the supervisor and the employee will meet to review the employee’s achievements and overall performance and establish goals for the coming year.  This policy, the performance evaluation worksheets and the procedures will be implemented according to the library’s implementation plan and reviewed for possible revisions each year.


Approved June 5, 2012