Nolan Ryan

Author: Lois P. Nicholson
Reviewer's Age: Grade 10

The book Nolan Ryan by Lois P. Nicholson is a great biography because it provides great details about his career. No other book focuses on his life from when he was born until he retires more than this one does, just read the title Nolan Ryan. It tells you how he was feeling during his career providing actual quotes from the man himself. For example, after he has elbow surgery, he talks about how he goes from being a dominating pitcher to a pitcher that batters can't wait to face. The book also gives his career stats, like how many innings he pitches, earned runs, strikeouts, and the year and the team he does it with. The biography Nolan Ryan by Lois P. Nicholson is a well-done book since it shows his career in great detail.