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Last Man Down

Author: Richard Picciotto with Daniel Paisner
Reviewer's Age: Grade 12

The book Last Man Down is about a New York City firefighter's way of survival and escape from the World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. The story has made me think of the vast amount of change which has occurred in our country since this national tragedy. America has undergone change far beyond the physical aspects of life. We have changed as a nation by wars, such as Civil, World War, War On Terrorism, and also by way of Revolutionary War. In all of these wars we have proven to be the top military, which no one has yet been able to defeat. America is a country that is primed on toughness, bravery, and the ability for one to sacrifice him or herself for the good of their country; that is what makes America what it is today. Ever since September 11th, I have gained tremendous respect and admiration for those men and woman who risk their lives day in and day out defending our freedom, and keeping Americans free. September 11th also made me realize what a strong country we are, and how we are willing to do anything that is in the best benefit of our country.