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The Folk Keeper

Author: Franny Billingsley
Reviewer: Grade 8

The Folk Keeper is about a girl named Corinna. She is a Folk Keeper, someone who keeps the folk, mysterious creatures who live in dark caves, from destroying crops, souring milk, and killing chickens by letting them vent their anger on her. She lived in Rhysbridge Home, an orphanage. To become a Folk Keeper, she had to disguise herself as Corin, a boy. One day, old, dying Lord Merton comes to visit Corinna. Lord Merton tells her that her father sent him just before he died of an illness to retrieve her from the orphanage and take her to Cliffsend Manor to be brought up as a lady. Corinna agrees to go, but only to be the Folk Keeper. There she discovers who she really is, and where she really belongs. I thought that The Folk Keeper was a fun book, with a catchy plot. It was well written, but the ending was very Disney-like. A Cinderella story; The Folk Keeper was comical and kept you interested, but a little cliché. Out of 10 stars, I’d give it 6.5, and recommend it to fans of fantasy/science fiction.