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Bridget Jones' Diary

Author: Helen Fielding
Reviewer: Grade 9

Bridget Jones is an unhappy, self-conscious Singleton who can’t seem to find a man. Not that her mother or Smug Married friends are making it any easier. Bridget is convinced that if she could just get down to 115 pounds, her life would be great. Then there’s Daniel Cleaver, her hot, attractive, confident boss. Some harmless Internet flirting turns into a full-on fling! Daniel, the former womanizer, is far better than that positively horrible Mark Darcy, the one her mother keeps trying to set her up with. Her life seems excellent with Daniel, until Suki comes into the picture. That sends her back to being the weight gaining, cigarette smoking, Singleton Bridget again. Then, she and Mark reconsider each other, and it could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship…if Bridget’s life weren’t distracted enough by mothers who ran off with criminal hotties and pleading ex-boyfriends. I recommend this book to anyone who is in the mood to laugh hysterically at each one of Bridget’s outrageous escapades. Swearing and other mildly inappropriate things occur in Bridget’s world, so it is recommended only to those who are ready for that kind of thing. An all-around great book!