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Picture Books: A Visit to the Hospital

Picture Books

Civardi, Anne. Going to the Hospital J PB PIC C
Using simple text and cheerful, comforting pictures, this book tells the story of Ben who needs a basic operation on his ear. (Ages 2-5).

Cousins, Lucy. Maisy Goes to the Hospital J PIC COU and J PB PIC C
When Maisy hurts herself on a trampoline, she goes to the hospital, where she is taken care of and meets a new friend. (Ages 2-4).

Hatkoff, Juliana Lee. Good-Bye Tonsils! J PIC HAT
In this story of a young girl who goes to the hospital to have her tonsils removed there is lots of information about operations and hospital visits in general. (Ages 5-8).

Lloyd, Sam. Doctor Meow's Big Emergency J PIC LLO
In this exciting adventure, Tom Cat has hurt his leg, and Doctor Meow must help him right away. (Ages 3-6).

Rey, Margret & H.A. Curious George Goes to the Hospital J PIC REY and E BOOK
After swallowing a piece of jigsaw puzzle, Curious George has an x-ray and an operation and still manages to get into to trouble. (Ages 4-8).

Rogers, Fred. Going to the Hospital J PB PIC R
Using simple text and color photographs, this book gives parents and children the opportunity to talk through some of the feelings that may arise during a child's first hospital stay. (Ages 4-8).

Thomas, Pat. Do I Have to Go to the Hospital?: A First Look at Going to the Hospital J PB PIC T
This reassuring book talks in very general terms about what to expect—and how children might feel—when in the hospital. (Ages 3-5).


Attebury, Nancy Garhan. Out and About at the Hospital J 362.11 ATT
With accessible, cartoon-like illustrations, this book tells the story of a class trip to the hospital. (Ages 4-8).

Bennett, Howard J. Harry Goes to the Hospital J PARENT'S CORNER PIC BEN
Harry visits the E.R. with stomach trouble and meets lots of helpful, reassuring people who explain everything that's happening and answer all his questions. (Ages 4-8).

Gordon, Sharon. What's Inside a Hospital? J 362.111 GOR
A basic introduction to a busy hospital, including descriptions of the equipment, the staff, the emergency room, the operating room, etc. (Ages 3-6).

Miller, Marilyn. Behind the Scenes at the Hospital J 362.1 MIL
Explains the functions of different areas of a hospital, such as the X-ray unit, the laboratory, the intensive care unit, children's department, and the maternity ward. (Ages 4-8).

Parker, Vic. Going to the Hospital J 362.11 PAR
A basic and reassuring introduction to a visit to the hospital, answering such questions as: "What is it like to be a patient?" and "What happens if I need an operation?" (Ages 3-5).