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The Bluest Eye

Author: Toni Morrison
Reviewer's Age: Grade 10

Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye is a deep story. It's about a young black girl who prays for blue eyes so that she can be pretty. The Bluest Eye makes people think twice about what true beauty is. Pecola makes a wish to have blue eyes, which makes her worry about her appearance. She worries that there might be someone with bluer eyes. "Suppose my eyes aren't blue enough . . ." She thinks her only friend will stop speaking to her if her eyes aren't blue enough. The eyes also made her conceited. "Oh yes . . . My blue eyes. Prettier than the sky." The Bluest Eye makes people think twice about what true beauty is. Changing our appearence to suit other's appeal indicates low self-esteem. The Bluest Eye is an excellent book that should be read because it shows the things that people will do to satisfy others expectations.