A Day no Pigs Would Die

Author: Robert Newton Peck
Reviewer's Age: Grade 10

A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck has been one of my favorite books and I recommend this book to students or anybody to read. This book is about a boy and his father living on a farm in Vermont. The boy's father's job is to slaughter pigs and prepare them as food. The farm that they is own is having a very hard time and the family has to work together. And the boy has to go through difficulties. He has to go to school but has no money for clothes or extras. And after school he has to work on the farm, so he has little time for friends and he gets alienated. This book has deep emotions and it tells how life is hard and unfair. Also, unlike the other school recommended books, this book has great humor, which makes the reader want to keep reading