The Shakespeare Stealer

Author: Gary Blackwood
Reviewer's Age: Grade 8

The Shakespeare Stealer is about a young orphan named Widge. Because of his rare ability to write in a unique shorthanded code, he is sent to steal Shakespeare’s Hamlet by his master, a rival playwright. He sneaks into the Globe theatre, and is taken in by his fellow actors. In the end, Widge has to decide where his loyalties lie, with his master and the large reward that he will get for retrieving the play, or his new friends. The Shakespeare Stealer is a catchy story, very improbable, but fun to read. All of the ends are conveniently wrapped up by the last page, so all you're left wondering is ‘What horribly interesting adventure will Widge have next?’; a nice start for the sequel. Out of 10 stars, I’d give this book a 6.