Joy Luck Club

Author: Amy Tan
Reviewer's Age: Grade 10

Amy Tan has written one of the best Asian-American literature in the novel Joy Luck Club. This book is so moving because it is so real, so human, and Tan's voices reach out to your spirits. Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club is a collection of vignettes from two generations of Chinese-American women. The mothers who have dealt with struggles during World War II in China and their daughters who dealt with lingering ghosts from their childhood and their marriage problems of today. Open-mindedly showing the differences between a generation gap and strengthening the bond between mother and daughter. With wit and sensitivity, Amy Tan examines the sometimes painful, often tender, and always deep connections between mothers and daughters. Joy Luck Club is a magical book, it casts a spell and enchants you until the very last word. The book has made a tremendous impact on my life, especially the relationship between my mother and I.