Breakfast at Tiffany's

Author: Truman Capote
Reviewer's Age: 12

Possibly one of THE best books written. Paul (his name in the movie but his name in the book never comes up), a starving writer, meets Holly Golightly, society playgirl. She visits Sally Tomato at Sing Sing once a week, is unknowingly caught up in a drug ring, gets $50 for a trip to the powder room, and ran away from home at fourteen from her more or less 40 year old husband, her brother, and her children (not HER children technically). Her future is a total blank. She steals her best friend's boyfriend. She doesn't belong to anybody, not even to her one-eyed ragbag of a cat. Her favorite place in the world is Tiffany's, and spends most of her life searching for a place that makes her feel the way Tiffany's makes her feel. Until then, she's travelling.