U.S.S Seawolf

Author: Patrick Robinson
Reviewer's Age: Grade 10

The Chinese have created a new Xia class sub, capable of launching missiles to the U.S. In response the U.S. deploys its newest sub, the U.S.S Seawolf. What follows is a riveting game of chicken between the two subs, which result in the crew's capture. Now the U.S. must rescue its soldiers and its precious sub. I liked the book because it had an excellent story line. Its plot took dramatic turns, leaving you wondering and hesitant to put the book down. The dialogue between characters is fantastic, and the author's attention to detail in his words keeps you on the edge. He describes the intensity and nervousness of the situations so well, that the reader feels that they are actually there. Because the author is a former sailor, he is very good at describing the reality, harshness, but at the same time, honor of fighting for your country.