Adaline Falling Star

Author: Mary Pope Osborne
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

In the novel Adaline Falling Star, Mary Pope Osborne writes about surviving in nature by describing a girl trying to get home alone in the wilderness. I thought this book was excellent. It showed me that even a child can survive in nature. If you stick to it, you will be OK. Adaline was very lifelike because the author described her very well. She seemed like a regular kid, just like me. I think she was scared and worried in some parts of the book. I would be scared too. I think the basic moral of this book is that you should always take care of nature because nature can help you. When Adaline had cuts she used the knowledge of her Indian tribe, the Arapahos, to heal her cuts with things from nature. From this, I leaned that nature can be very useful to survive.