Ghost Canoe

Author: Will Hobbs
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

In the novel Ghost Canoe, Will Hobbs writes about the consequences of greed by describing how the main character, Nathan McCallister, thwarts the evil and mysterious Kane's plan to find buried treasure. Though it is not the most original plot and premise, this book was very entertaining, it managed to pull off combining elements of mystery, suspense, determination, redemption, adventure, and friendship into one enthralling book. Despite a few dry spots, most of the time I was reluctant to put this book down. I especially like the way the author portrayed the friendship between two of the main characters and how they overcame their differences. I agree with what the author is saying about greed and how it will eventually lead to misery. Not just for yourself but for others. I suggest than anyone in search of a good book to swing by their local library and pick this up.