Down River

Author:Will Hobbs
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

When was the last time you read a novel with suspensful adventure? Have you lately sat down to read for a few minutes and ended up reading for hours? I did last week when I read Down River. It's about seven misfits who are sent to an outdoor education center. They steal the instructor's car, heading for the raging rapids of the Grand Canyon. There's Jessie who's sent to the program by her dad; Star, a soft homeless girl; Adam a clown at heart; and Rita, the leader of a ring of bank robberies. You couldn't forget Freddy, the navigator, and two tough guys, Troy and Pug. This story has close brushes with death, fun, and excitement. Towards the end, there's a dangerous dispute, which causes much chaos. There are huge surprises that turn the trip into a disaster. Down River will make you hold onto your seat.