My Side of the Mountain

Author: Jean Craighead George
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

How would you like it if you could leave your chaotic life to move to a peaceful place? That's what Sam Gribley thought. My Side of Mountain is an adventure novel about a boy named Sam who's fed up with city life so he decides to run away to the Catskill Mountains in N.Y. Sam meets a lot of interesting characters along his journey. Some of the characters he meets are the Barron weasel and Sam's beloved falcon Frightful. While it's springtime a lady comes to pick strawberries and she and Sam have a long conversation. When Sam's father comes to visit he brings news article clippings of a suspected "wild boy" he immediately knows that it was the strawberry picking lady. If you like this book, which I'd rate five stars, try On the Far Side of the Mountain or Frightful's Mountain, which are in the same series.