Incident at Hawk's Hill

Author: Allan Eckert
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

In the novel Incident at Hawk's Hill, Allan Eckert writes about how a little kid survives in the wilderness of a prairie for most of a summer with a wild badger by describing how the badger gets him food and the way they're attached to each other. The female badger and Ben are especially realistic because of the way Ben becomes inhuman like and the way the female badger adopts him after losing all four of her babies. It was especially emotional when she comes to Ben's house to protect Ben from his parents; this clearly shows she adopted Ben as her child. This book was very exciting because of the way it builds suspense slowly over time. Then, after a while, after you're totally suspicious, it suddenly jumps out at you. It also has interesting facts about the prairie's wildlife. It's not scary, so everybody should read it.