Robinson Crusoe

Author: Daniel Defoe
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

In the novel Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe writes about taking chances and their consequences by describing how Robinson Crusoe's life changes from one bad decision by going off sailing agaist his father's will, and to his dismay he faces the negative effects. Dull and predictable is how I would describe this book. As an account of Robinson's journey of surviving alone, he does not describe well or come up with good solutions to his poverty. Once Robinson starts a journal everything is quite boring. He writes unthorough thoughts about his encounters and doesn't have to work hard to survive at all. Predictability comes easily to the reader when all Robinson does for a while is get food, and find out how to maintain those sources. Finally, by the end of the book Robinson is befriended by a companion with whom he ventures on the island and sea