The Red Horseman

Author: Stephen Coonts
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

The book I read was The Red Horseman by Stephen Coonts. This is one of the greatest pieces of fiction written in the twentieth century. This book is about a hero Jake Grafton, and how he is assigned to go to Russia and check out the missing nuclear warheads and make sure they do not fall in Saddam Hussein's hands. As events transpire the KGB, for some unknown reason, blows up a nuclear power plant. Jake's mission is to figure out why the KGB did this and stop the nuclear warheads so they do not get into terrorist hands. I really like this book because of the characters like Toad Tarkington and Jake Grafton. They are potrayed in their true light as men working for the good of America and the world. The Red Horseman is an action packed novel that moves the reader.