Picture Books: Adoption

Bergren, Lisa Tawn. God Found Us You J PIC BER 2009
When Little Fox asks his mother to tell his favorite story, Mama Fox recounts the day he arrived in her life, from God to her arms.

Bunting, Eve. Jin Woo J PIC BUN 2001
Davey is dubious about having a new adopted brother from Korea, but when he finds out that his parents still love him, he decides that having a baby brother will be fine.

Coste, Marion. Finding Joy J PIC COS 2006
Shu-li, an infant girl who had to be sent away by her family in China, is adopted by an American family and renamed Joy.

Curtis, Jamie Lee. Tell Me Again About the Night I was Born J PIC CUR and JPB PIC C 1996
A young girl asks her parents to tell her again the cherished family story of her birth and adoption.

Friedrich, Molly. You’re Not My Real Mother J PIC FRI 2004
After an adoptive mother tells her daughter all the reasons that she is her "real mother," the young girl realizes that her mother is right, even though they do not look alike.

Katz, Karen. Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale J PIC KAT 1997
A loving couple dream of a baby born far away and know that this is the baby they have been waiting to adopt.

Krishnaswami, Uma. Bringing Asha Home J PIC KRI 2006
A boy tries to wait patiently as his family prepares for the arrival of Asha, the little girl they are adopting from India.

Lewis, Rose A. I Love You Like Crazy Cakes J PIC LEW 2000
A woman describes how she went to China to adopt a special baby girl. Based on the author's own experiences.

Lewis, Rose A. Every Year on Your Birthday J PIC LEW 2007

Each year on the birthday of her adopted Chinese daughter, a mother recalls the moments they have shared, from the first toy to the friends left behind in China.

Lin, Grace. The Red Thread : an Adoption Fairy Tale J PIC LIN 2007

There is an ancient Chinese belief that an invisible, unbreakable red thread connects all those who are destined to be together. Grace Lin's lovely adoption fairy tale is for all children and the parents who would search the world to find them.

London, Jonathan. A Koala for Katie : An Adoption Story J PIC LON and J PB PIC L 1993
On a trip to the zoo, Katie gets a special present that helps her realize how much her adoptive parents love her.

McCutcheon, John. Happy Adoption Day! J PIC MCC 1996
Parents celebrate the day on which they adopted their child and continue to reassure the new addition to their family that it is wanted, loved, and very special.

McCully, Emily Arnold. My Real Family J PIC MCC and J PB PIC M 1999
Sarah, convinced that she is adopted, runs away from the Bear Family Theater to find her "real parents."

McDonnell, Christine. Goyangi Means Cat J PIC MCD 2011

An understanding cat helps a young Korean girl adjust to her new home in America.


Motherbridge of Love. Mother Bridge of Love J PIC MOT 2007

Through the exchanges between a little Chinese girl and her adoptive parent, this title offers a poignant and inspiring message to adoptive parents and children all over the world.

Olson, David J. The Thunderstruck Stork J PIC OLS 2007
When Webster the stork collides with a hot air balloon and his brain is knocked out of whack, he starts delivering the wrong babies to animal parents all over the world, with surprising results.

Parr, Todd. We Belong Together: A Book about Adoption and Families J PIC PAR 2008
his book explores the different ways that people can choose to come together to make a family.

Peacock, Carol Antoinette. Mommy Far, Mommy Near : An Adoption Story J PIC PEA 2000
Elizabeth, who was born in China, describes the family who has adopted her and tries to sort out her feelings for her unknown mother.

Petertyl, Mary. Seeds of Love: For Brothers and Sisters of International Adoption J 362.7 PET 1997
Carly works through feelings of anticipation and fear when her parents travel to another country without her to adopt her baby sister.

Rogers, Fred. Adoption J PARENT'S CORNER 362.7 ROG 1998
Discusses what it means to be part of a family and examines some feelings that adopted children may have.

Rotner, Shelley I'm adopted! J 362.7 ROT   2011

With a perceptive text and dynamic photographs, the creators of this book demystify adoption for young children and celebrate the joy that comes with adding to a family.

Sansone, Adele. The Little Green Goose J PIC SAN 1999
Mr. Goose finds an abandoned egg, hatches it, and raises a peculiar green-skinned long-tailed chick, who worries about his identity but comes to recognize that he has a loving parent.

Say, Allen. Allison J PIC SAY 1997
When Allison realizes that she looks more like her favorite doll than like her parents, she comes to terms with this unwelcome discovery through the help of a stray cat.

Sugarman, Brynn Olenberg. Rebecca’s Journey Home J PIC SUG 2006
Mr. and Mrs. Stein and their young sons Gabe and Jacob adopt a baby girl from Vietnam.

Thomas, Eliza.  J PIC THO The Red Blanket 2004
Tells the story of a single woman who goes to China to adopt a baby.

Turner, Ann. Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies J PB PIC T 1992
A boy who came from far away to be adopted by a couple in this country remembers how unfamiliar and frightening some of the things were in his new home, before he accepted the love to be found there.

Young, Ed  My Mei Mei J PIC YOU 2006
Antonia gets her wish when her parents return to China to bring home a Mei Mei, or younger sister, for her.