Picture Books: Learning to Swim

Borden, Louise. Albie the Lifeguard J PB PIC B
During the summer Albie learns to swim the whole length of the pool without stopping.

Brown, M.K. Let's Go Swimming With Mr. Sillypants J PB PIC B
Mr. Sillypants worries so much about his swimming lesson that he has a dream in which he turns into a fish.

Buzzeo, Toni. Little Loon and Papa J PIC BUZ
Motivated by a challenging situation and his supportive father, Little Loon finally learns to dive.

Cooper, Susan. Frog J PIC COO
A young boy learns how to swim by watching a small frog that makes its way into the family swimming pool.

Hest, Amy. Make the Team, Baby Duck! J PIC HES
When Baby Duck is not sure she is ready to get into the pool with the swim team, her grandfather encourages her.

Lin, Grace. Olvina Swims. J PIC LIN
Olvina, a chicken in more ways than one, overcomes her fear of swimming with help from her friend Hailey, a penguin, while on vacation in Hawaii.

London, Jonathan. Froggy Learns to Swim J PIC LON, J PB PIC L
Froggy is afraid of the water until his mother, along with his flippers, snorkle, and mask, help him learn to swim.

Lucke, Deb. The Boy Who Wouldn’t Swim J PIC LUC
One very hot summer, Eric Dooley watches his younger sister learn to swim, while his fear of the water keeps him from joining her.

Reiser, Lynn. Two Dogs Swimming J PIC REI
When two dogs, Whistle and Spot, play at racing and jumping, sometimes one wins and sometimes the other one does, but until Spot learns to swim, Whistle always beats him across the pond.

Ward, Nick. Come on, Baby Duck! J PIC WAR
Baby Duck overcomes his hesitancy about swimming when his teddy falls in the pond.