Picture Books: Starting School

Ahlberg, Janet and Allan. Starting School  J PB PIC A and J PIC AHL 
Introduces the serious and fun activities of students just starting school.

Anholt, Laurence. Billy and the Big New School  J PIC ANH
Billy is nervous about starting school, but as he cares for a sparrow that eventually learns to fly on its own, he realizes that he too can look after himself.

Asbury, Kelly Adam. Yolanda's Yellow School J PIC ASB
Yolanda enjoys show and tell, reading, finger painting, playing after lunch, and watching a video during a day in first grade.

Berenstain, Stan & Jan. The Berenstain Bears Go To School J PB PIC B
Sister Bear, nervous about entering kindergarten, overcomes her fears when she discovers that school is really fun.

Bloom, Suzanne. The Bus For Us  J PIC BLO
On her first day of school, Tess wonders what the school bus will look like.

Boelts, Maribeth. Little Bunny's Preschool Countdown  J PIC BOE
LB spends the summer dreading the first day of preschool, especially after his second-grade cousin makes him worry about what it will really be like.

Bourgeois, Paulette. Franklin Goes to School  Jpb PIC B
On the first day of school, Franklin is a little nervous, but his teacher, Mr. Owl, knows just what to do.

Bridwell, Norman. Clifford's First School Day  Jpb PIC B and J PIC BRI
As a small puppy, Clifford the red dog goes to school with Emily Elizabeth and gets into mischievous trouble during the finger painting, cookie baking, and snack time.

Carlson, Nancy L. Look out, Kindergarten, Here I Come!  J PIC CAR 
Even though Henry is looking forward to going to kindergarten, he is not sure about staying once he first gets there.

Child, Lauren. I am Too Absolutely Small for School J PIC CHI
When Lola is worried about starting school, her older brother Charlie reassures her.

Cohen, Lillian. Will I Have a Friend?  J PIC COH
A little boy's anxieties on his first day at school are quickly forgotten when he makes a new friend.

Danneberg, Julie. First Day Jitters  J PIC DAN and Jpb PIC DAN
Sarah is afraid to start at a new school, but both she and the reader are in for a surprise when she gets to her class.

Davis, Katie Kindergarten Rocks  J PIC DAV
Dexter knows everything there is to know about kindergarten and is not at all scared about his first day there, but his stuffed dog, Rufus, is very nervous.

DeGroat, Diane. Brand-New Pencils, Brand-New Books J PIC DEG
Gilbert's excitement over starting first grade turns to worry that the teacher will be mean, the work too hard, and his classmates too unfriendly, but throughout the day there are pleasant surprises.

De Paola, Tomie. Meet the Barkers : Morgan and Moffat Go to School  J PIC DEP
Moffie and her quiet twin brother Morgie both enjoy starting school, especially getting gold stars and making new friends.

Edwards, Becky. My First Day at Nursery School  J PIC EDW
On the first day of preschool, a little girl misses her mother, but on the second day she is excited to go back.

Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise. Silly School J PIC FIT
Beth doesn’t want to go to “silly school,” until her parents point out that all her friends will be there.

Goodman, Joan Elizabeth. Bernard Goes to School  J PIC GOO
When a little elephant is apprehensive about his first day of school, his parents show him how much fun school can be.

Greenfield, Eloise. Me and Neesie J PIC GRE
Janell's best friend is her invisible playmate Neesie, but things begin to change when Janell starts school.
Grindley, Sally. It’s My School J PIC GRI
Tom is not happy that his younger sister, Alice, is starting kindergarten at his school.

Falwell, Cathryn. David's Drawings J PIC FAL
A shy boy arriving at a new school makes friends with his classmates by drawing a picture of a tree.

Forward, Toby. What Did You Do Today?: The First Day of School J PIC FOR
This book describes not only a child's experiences the first day of school including cicle time, snack and play, but also a mother's activities as she thinks of her son throughout the day.

Hale, Nathan. Yellowbelly and Plum Go to School. J PIC HAL
On his first day of school, Yellowbelly brings along his best friend Plum, a stuffed bear, but when Plum goes missing, Yellowbelly discovers that they both have made a lot of new friends.

Harper, Jamie. Miss Mingo and the First Day of School J PIC HAR
Miss Mingo helps all of the animal students in her class overcome their shyness on the first day of school by encouraging them to share something special about themselves.

Hays, Anna Jane. Ready, Set, Preschool J PIC HAY
Stories, poems, and activities show basic early learning concepts and address important aspects of socialization in preschool including making friends, sharing, taking turns, cooperating, getting dressed, going to the potty, saying good-bye without tears.

Henkes, Kevin. Wemberly Worried  J PIC HEN
A mouse named Wemberly, who worries about everything, finds that she has a whole list of things to worry about when she faces the first day of nursery school.

Hennessy, B. G. Mr. Ouchy’s First Day J PIC HEN
Mr. Ouchy, a new teacher, is nervous about his first day of school, but when he teaches the class about time and counting, they all enjoy the experience.

Hest, Amy. Off to School, Baby Duck! J PIC HES
Baby Duck experiences the fear of the first day of school, but with a little help from Grampa, everything turns out okay in the end.

Hill, Eric. Spot Goes to School  Jpb PIC H 
Spot the dog has an eventful first day at school. Illustrations feature lift-up flaps.

Howe, James. When You Go to Kindergarten  J PIC HOW and Jpb PIC H
Text and photographs explain what it is like to go to kindergarten.

Hutchins, Pat. Three-Star Billy J PIC HUT
Billy, a bad-tempered little monster who does not want to be in nursery school, throws tantrums that only result in his teacher's giving him praise and three stars.

Johnston, Tony. Off to Kindergarten J PIC JOH
A young boy lists all the things he will have to take with him on his first day in kindergarten.

Johnston, Tony. Sparky and Eddie : The First Day of School J Easy JOH
Even though they are not in the same class, two young friends are glad that they decided to give school a try.

Jones, Christianne. Joey’s First Day J EASY JON
Joey is nervous about his first day of school, but by the second day he is just excited.

Kleven, Elisa. The Apple Doll J PIC KLE
Lizzy is scared to start school, so she makes a doll out of an apple from her favorite tree to take with her on the first day and keep her company. Includes instructions for making an apple doll.

Lakin, Patricia. Max & Mo’s First Day at School  J PIC LAK
When Max and Mo, two class hamsters, return to school and are placed in the Art Room, they use supplies found there to spell out their names for the students.

Lee, Hyun Young. Something for School  J PIC LEE
Yoon is very excited about her first day of kindergarten, but when the other students think that she is a boy, she decides to find a way to ensure they don’t make the mistake again.

London, Jonathan. Froggy Goes to School J PIC LON
Froggy is nervous about his first day of school, but, even though it's hard to sit still, he has a wonderful time.

Millman, Isaac. Moses Goes to School J PIC MIL
Moses and his friends enjoy the first day of school at their special school for the deaf and hard of hearing, where they use sign language to talk to each other.

McCully, Emily Arnold. School  Jpb PIC M and J PIC MCC
A curious little mouse decides to find out what school is all about.

McGhee, Alison. Mrs. Watson wants your teeth J PIC MCG
A first grader is frightened on her first day of school after hearing a rumor that her teacher is a 300-year-old alien with a purple tongue who steals baby teeth from her students.

Magorian, Michelle.  Who's Going to Take Care of Me? J PIC MAG
Having attended daycare with his sister, Eric wonders who will look after him, now that his sister is going to school.

Mitchard, Jacquelyn. Ready, Set, School! J PIC MIT
After Rory the raccoon conquers his fear of spending an entire night away from home, he is prepared to tackle the challenge of starting school just one week later, whether his parents are ready or not.

Morrow, Tara Jaye. Panda Goes to School J PIC MOR
Panda is nervous about his first day of school, but his mother and new teacher help him to adjust and enjoy the experience.

Munsch, Robert N. We Share Everything! Jpb PIC M
On the first day of school, after their teacher scolds them for not sharing, two children share their clothes and shoes.

Murkoff, Heidi. What to Expect at Preschool J PIC MUR
Angus the Answer Dog answers questions about the school experience. Questions center on teachers, the classroom, rules, circle time, snacks, and the bathroom.

Neubecker, Robert. Wow! School! J PIC NEU
Izzy finds many things to be excited about on the first day of school.

Numeroff, Laura. If You Take A Mouse To School  J PIC NUM
Follows a boy and his mouse through a busy day at school.

Oh, Jiwon. Mr. Monkey’s Classroom J PIC OH
 Mouse is very excited and a little nervous, too for his first day of school. He is very glad that his good friend, Cat, will be going with him. But when Cat sees all her friends from last year, she leaves Mouse to face his first day of school.

Oxenbury, Helen. First Day Of School Jpb EASY O
A little girl is not looking forward to her first day at nursery school until she makes friends with another new girl.

Penn, Audrey. The Kissing Hand J PIC PEN and Jpb PIC P   
When Chester the raccoon is reluctant to go to kindergarten for the first time, his mother teaches him a secret way to carry her love with him.

Poydar, Nancy.  First Day, Hooray! J PIC POY
All over town, Ivy and her bus driver and her teacher and the other school employees get ready for the first day of school.

Recorvits, Helen. My Name is Yoon J PIC REC
Disliking her name as written in English, Korean-born Yoon, or "shining wisdom," refers to herself as "cat," "bird," and "cupcake," as a way to feel more comfortable in her new school and new country.

Robbins, Jacqui, The New Girl J PIC ROB
Two girls named Shakeeta and Mia become friends when Shakeeta boasts that she has a pet iguana and Mia learns how to help Shakeeta "feel at home" even when she is in school.

Rodman, Mary Ann. First Grade Stinks! J PIC ROD
First-grader Haley wishes she were back having fun in kindergarten with her old teacher, until she finds out that first-grade is special, too.

Rockwell, Anne. Welcome to Kindergarten J PIC ROC
A boy visits the classroom where he will attend kindergarten the following fall and finds out what is in store for him.

Rogers, Jacqueline. Tiptoe Into Kindergarten J PIC ROG
A young preschooler accompanies her brother to kindergarten and discovers a fun atmosphere, full of blocks and books.

Rose, Deborah Lee. The Twelve Days of Kindergarten: A Counting Book J PIC ROS
A lighthearted and welcoming introduction to school.

Rosenberry, Vera. Vera's First Day of School J PIC ROS
Vera cannot wait for the day when she starts school, but the first day does not go exactly as she has anticipated.

Rusackas, Francesca. I Love You All Day Long J PIC RUS
When a little pig worries about being apart from his mother when he goes off to school, she reassures him.

Schwartz, Amy. Annabelle Swift, Kindergartner Jpb PIC S (also on cassette)
Although some of the things her older sister taught her at home seem a little unusual at school, other lessons help make Annabelle's first day in kindergarten a success.

Senderak, Carol Hunt. Mommy in My Pocket J PIC SEN
A little girl gets anxious about separation from her mommy when she goes to school.

Senisi, Ellen B. Kindergarten Kids  Jpb PIC S 
With lots photographs, this book shows a kindergarten class on a typical day.

Shannon, David. David Goes to School. J PIC SHA
David's activities in school include chewing gum, talking out of turn, and engaging in a food fight, causing his teacher to say over and over, "No, David!"

Silverman, Erica. Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: School Days J EASY SIL
Cocoa the horse does not want Cowgirl Kate to go to school without him.

Simon, Charman. One Happy Classroom  J Easy SIM
Activities in a happy, busy kindergarten classroom introduce the numbers one to ten.

Slate, Joseph. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten  J PIC SLA & Jpb PIC S (see other Miss Bindergarten books)
Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for kindergarten.

Tompert, Ann. Will You Come Back for Me?  Jpb PIC T
Four-year-old Suki is worried about being left in day care for the first time until her mother reassures her that she loves her and will always return for her.

Van Leeuwen, Jean. Amanda Pig, Schoolgirl  J I-2 VAN
Amanda Pig's first day of school is every bit as wonderful as she always hoped it would be.

Vulliamy, Clara. Tom and Small J PIC VUI
Tom overcomes his reluctancy to go to school with the help of his little stuffed mouse, Small.

Weeks, Sarah. My Somebody Special J PIC WEE
A youngster experiences the emotions of being the last to be picked up at school.

Wells, Rosemary. Timothy Goes to School  J PIC WEL
Timothy learns about being accepted and making friends during the first week of his first year at school.

Wells, Rosemary. Emily's First 100 Days of School  J PIC WEL
Starting with number one for the first day of school, Emily learns the numbers to one hundred in many different ways.

Wells, Rosemary. My Kindergarten J PIC WEL
A month by month look at the kindergarten school year.

Whybrow, Ian. Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School J PIC WHY
On Harry's first day at his new school he is not sure whether or not to bring his bucket of dinosaurs, but in the end the dinosaurs help him make a friend.

Wild, Margaret. Tom Goes to Kindergarten  J PIC WIL
When Tom, a young panda, goes to his very first day of kindergarten, his whole family stays and plays and wishes they could be in kindergarten too.

Wright, Michael. Jake Starts School  J PIC WRI
No one can pry a frightened Jake away from his parents on the first day of school, and so the three must watch as his classmates have fun until, at the end of the day, his teacher finally gets him to let go.

Yolen, Jane. How Do Duinosaurs Go To School? J PIC YOL
Explains how young dinosaurs should behave during a typical school day.

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner. Pooh's First Day of School  Jpb PIC Z
When Christopher Robin goes to school, Pooh, his friends wonder what it's like there. So, Christopher Robin teaches them all about his first day.