Picture Books: Starting School

Starting Preschool

Carlstrom, Nancy White. It's Your First Day of School, Annie Claire J PIC CAR
Annie Claire, excited but nervous about her first day of school, is reassured by her mother, whose love always goes with her.

Dewdney, Anna. Llama Llama Misses Mama
Llama Llama experiences separation anxiety on his first day of nursery school.

Henkes, Kevin. Wemberly Worried
A mouse named Wemberly, who worries about everything, finds that she has a whole list of things to worry about when she faces the first day of nursery school.

Martin,Jr., Bill and Michael Sampson. Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are You Going to School? J PIC MAR
On the first day of school, Kitty Cat discovers that there are lots of things to enjoy, including playing, painting, singing, listening to a story, and sharing something special during show-and-tell. No wonder he likes school so much.

Neubecker, Robert. Wow! School!
From art to science, music to the playground, and books to friends, Izzy finds many things to be excited about on the first day of school.

Penn, Audrey. The Kissing Hand J PIC PEN
When Chester the raccoon is reluctant to go to kindergarten for the first time, his mother teaches him a secret way to carry her love with him.

Senderak, Carol Hunt. Mommy in My Pocket J PIC SEN
A little girl gets anxious about separation from her mommy when she goes to school.

Simon, Charnan. One Happy Classroom J EASY SIM
Activities in a happy, busy classroom introduce the numbers one to ten.

Thompson, Lauren. Mouse's First Day of School
When he goes to school, Mouse finds a world of new objects and new friends.

Starting Kindergarten

Carlson, Nancy. Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come
Even though Henry is looking forward to going to kindergarten, he is not sure about staying once he first gets there.

Harris, Robie H. I Am Not Going to School Today J PIC HAR
A little boy decides to skip his very first day of school, because on the first day one doesn't know anything, but on the second, one knows everything.

Hays, Anna Jane. Kindergarten Countdown J PIC SMALL HAYS
Rhyming text follows an excited little girl as she counts down the days before the start of kindergarten.

Hennessy, B. G. Mr. Ouchy's First Day J PIC HEN
Mr. Ouchy, a new teacher, is nervous about his first day of school, but when he teaches the class about time and counting, they all enjoy the experience.

Moreillon, Judi. Ready and Waiting for You J PIC MOR
Warm and friendly characters--including the bus driver, the principal, the art teacher, and the school nurse--welcome a new student to the first day of school.

Poydar, Nancy. First Day, Hooray! J PIC POY
All over town, Ivy and her bus driver and her teacher and the other school employees get ready for the first day of school.

Rockwell, Anne. Welcome to Kindergarten
A boy visits the classroom where he will attend kindergarten the following fall and finds out what is in store for him.

Slate, Joseph. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten J PIC SLA
Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for kindergarten.

Wing, Natasha. The Night Before Kindergarten J PIC WIN
A story in the style of the familiar poem, "The Night Before Christmas," about getting ready for the first day of kindergarten.

Wright, Michael. Jake Starts School J PIC WRI
No one can pry a frightened Jake away from his parents on the first day of school, and so the three must watch as his classmates have fun until, at the end of the day, his teacher finally gets him to let go.

Yum, Hyewon. Mom, It's My First Day of Kindergarten
A five-year-old boy, ready and eager on his first day at "the big kids' school," must calm his very worried mother.